Ordering Disclaimer

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By ordering from New Philly Sportsman Specialties, Inc., YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS!

1. All guns are sold as collectibles only and are NOT warranted for shooting.

Many of the guns listed at this website will be fine to shoot with appropriate ammunition. However there may be hidden safety problems with old or used firearms.

We recommend that no one should shoot ANY old gun without first having it thoroughly inspected by a professional, competent gunsmith. Shooting an unsafe firearm or using incorrect ammunition may result in damage, injury or death.

Older guns originally made for black powder cartridges should never be fired with modern smokeless powder cartridges.

Opinions expressed as to mechanical condition of a gun merely indicate whether the gun appears to function without live ammunition, and do NOT necessarily mean the gun would be safe to shoot. We are not gunsmiths and the guns on this website have NOT been checked out on the shooting range.

2. All Firearms Laws must be complied with:

* Modern guns (post 1898) will be shipped to FFL holders only. If you do not have an FFL, most retail gun shops will accept delivery for you, and transfer the gun to you for a modest fee. FFL licensed collector orders (03's) are welcome.

* Antique guns will not knowingly be sold to convicted felons, minors, fugitives from justice, illegal aliens, drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally defective individuals. BY ORDERING FROM THIS CATALOG, YOU ARE REPRESENTING THAT YOU DO NOT FIT INTO ANY OF THESE CLASSIFICATIONS. You will notify us if your status changes for future orders.

* Buyer is responsible for complying with all state & local laws , and by ordering from this catalog, you represent that such purchase is legal in your area and not restricted by law.

3. PAYMENT -- Cert. funds, or personal check (must wait for bank clearance) is ok. Call for possible layaway options. We now accept VISA ,  MASTERCARD & DISCOVER Cards for an additional 2.5% fee.

4. SHIPPING - We charge only actual UPS or USPS shipping charges. No handling or packaging fees are applied. Handguns shipped to licensed FFL's or collectors must go overnight at an extra charge.

5 . INSPECTION & RETURN PERIOD -- Each mail order purchase is allowed a 3-day non-shooting inspection period. If not satisfied, return unfired & in same condition for a full refund of purchase price. No explanation of reason is necessary. Please call & notify if you are returning an item.

6. We take orders on a first come, first served basis. On rare occasions we may take two orders for the same gun. In such a case, we do our best to complete the sale to the first order placed, with our apologies to the other would-be buyer.



If you agree to the above terms CLICK HERE for ORDER FORM


1. CALL or e-mail FIRST to check availability; 609-233-3441 or mail@newphillysports.com

* At busy times, or after hours, you may have to leave a message on the machine. Be sure to include your name w/ phone number & area code. LEAVE A CLEAR & COMPLETE MESSAGE We will return the call.

2. Use the ITEM NUMBER to identify the item you want.

3. SAY YOU WILL TAKE IT if you definitely want it, and we will set it aside for you. "I'll take it" is different than "I want to talk with you about it". Be specific to avoid disappointment.

4. SEND ALL PAPERWORK - Internet orders must include signed FFL (modern or C&R guns) or photocopy of drivers license with signed order form. If a dealer is receiving the gun for you, be sure he includes YOUR name & the item you are ordering when he sends his FFL. Send all paperwork to;

New Philly Sportsman Specialties, Inc.
Attn: Order Department
498 Lockport Avenue SW
New Philadelphia , OH 44663

5. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS must include extra shipping and are responsible for complying with their country's laws & import/export fees. Please include detailed instructions on required documentation. Modern (FFL) guns must go through a licensed US exporter at your expense and by your arrangement. Our responsibility for loss on international shipments is limited to what the insurer pays (insurable amount may be limited).


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