Slow Rust Blue Service 



We are now offering a real slow rust bluing service. Slow rust blue is one of the oldest original gun finishes, and is still used today on British best quality double guns. The parts to be blued are, polished and degreased, then wiped with a special solution. The outside of the barrel & parts are then allowed to oxidize (rust) under controlled moisture conditions. The rust is then carded off and the process is repeated several (sometimes as many as 6-8) times until the desired color is reached. The parts are then scalded with a neutralizing solution, rinsed, flash dried then oil cured for several days to stop the rusting process, producing the classic satiny gun metal finish. This process puts the finish into the steel, not just on the surface. Because of this, rust bluing is the most durable and long lasting of all the gun finishes, and actually looks better as it ages. This method is no longer used on factory production guns because it is too time consuming and labor intensive.

Some examples of our work

Savage/Stevens 620 Shotgun Barrel



Savage Takedown Model 1899 Notice the colour of the stock metal. This is how the receiver looked 'before'



Here is a before, during & after picture of a Husqvarna 1907 slide


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